The best hangover food for vegans

Ok so we’ll all been there, one too many gin & tonics, jaeger bombs or vinos – or all together sometimes in my case and you wake up the next day trying to piece together just what exactly happened the night before, with a raging headache and muttering those sweet naive words “I’m never drinking again”.

Now, when I was a meat eater my go-to hangover cure would be to eat lots of greasy food and then pass out into a food coma. This greasy food would often consist of a quick Mcdonald’s run before the golden breakfast hour finished or ordering a mouthwatering dominos to ale my woes.

Becoming vegan however, this vast array of hangover cure food suddenly grew a lot smaller, and I mean a lot. But have no fear, from my trial and error of multiple hangovers whilst being newly vegan I’ve come up with a few remedies. Now they may not be as glamorous or as easy to order with one click of a fast food order app but they certainly do the trick.

Carbs, Carbs and more carbs, it may not be the healthiest or balanced of diets, but it definitely helps me feel more human after a heavy session.

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The Vegan Full English Breakfast

Hash Browns, vegan Sausages (I love Linda McCartney’s Vegan range), Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato, and fried mushrooms.

Hummus and Pitta

My favourite carb snack when I’m craving something stodgy, try a different Hummus like red pepper, caramelised onion or lemon and coriander, and pair it with some wholemeal pitta.


A big bowl of steaming hot pasta, theres so many different ways to shake up boring ol’ pasta, a creamy carbonara, garlic and tomato, lemony broccoli (check out my Pinterest vegan dinner board for lots of inspo) a lot of the recipes are so easy to make too!


It may seem like a little bit of effort but it can really hit the spot when you just want some simple filling hot food, my favourite is pea and mint risotto – I almost always have a bag of peas in the freezer, rice and veggie stock in the cupboard.

Vegan pizza, fries and onion rings

Ok so dominos hasn’t quite got up to speed in the uk with their vegan pizza options but you can find vegan pizzas in lots of supermarkets now. I have however recently been converted to Papa Johns! They have a whole vegan section on their website, and you’ll find on offer, Vegan Sheese® & Tomato Pizza, and Vegan Sheese® & Marmite® Scrolls, which are amazing!!



Any kind of snacks in particular salty and sweet – I like to alternate between the two until I can’t eat anymore. Some of my favourites include, Lentil Chips, Propercorn  and Hippeas organic chickpea puffs.

If you’re newly vegan I can assure you there are plenty of options to ale your hangover. Go checkout your local supermarkets, try visiting ones you wouldn’t normally shop in. A lot of stores have quite different ranges and there are plenty of vegan options out there, once you can track them down.

What are your signature hangover vegan dishes that get you through the day? Please share them in the comments section below.


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The best hangover food for vegans


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[…] As well as finding vegan alcohol, there also comes a challenge when trying to nurse a vegan hangover! Gone are the days of the greasy spoon, McDonald’s breakfast run, or late afternoon Dominos. But do not fear, I’ve come up with ‘The best hangover food for vegans’. […]