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For this blog post I’ll be sharing with you the processes around my piece of brand art, a triptych of pink, yellows and orange, abstract in appearance but influenced by the human form. The reason I started this piece was because I wanted to create something which represented my blogging brand to me. First of all I considered the size, number of canvas I wanted to use, colours and style. The Watchaguru blog is made up of three main themes: Travel and Adventure, Creativity and Art and Health and Wellbeing, so I felt I had to represent each theme individually.

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I decided they should each be represented by their own canvas so opted to test myself in creating a second triptych piece. My first was for a friend for her new home. I found it challenging to produce the individual artworks and also ensure there was a fluidity and relationship between the three abstracts also. You can read more about this triptych work here.

Final Triptych

I also wanted to incorporate some other learning I’ve recently undertaken working on my drawing technique and skill in a recent life drawing class. If you’re thinking about attending a life drawing class but not sure what to expect then do have a look at my blog here.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I’m actively looking for more classes near me so I can continue to practice drawing. As a jumping off point for this piece of work, I focused in on particular areas of my life drawing sketches so they became more unrecognisable and abstract.

Afterwards, I thought about the colours I wished to use and refocusing again on the blog brand, I opted to use pink yellow and orange. These colours are ones I’ve chosen as a regular feature for my blog promotion amongst my social media channels.

The first task I wanted to complete was to create an abstract block colour painting of the sections of the body from my up close life drawings. Although they aren’t represented by complete opaque blocks of colour, I used water and different layers of acyclic to create different tones. The canvas sizes are 61cm x 61cm.

After painting each of the sections in the range of colours chosen I wanted to create more movement and blurred lines between each section. Using quick swift movements and paint brushes. I chose pale yellow, and quickly brushed over the edges where the blocks meet.

After this, I wanted to continue with blurring the sections together and opted to use some different tools, such as larger square paint brushes, as well as sponges and palettes. Although I worked with so many different layers with the paintbrush and palettes the paint sponging has been lost almost completely.

Finally, I wasn’t happy with the pink sections which seemed to stand out on top of the other layers. I wanted to weave the sections together more. I achieved this by again using some pallets knives as well as some rolled up kitchen roll and chunks of paint washing and wiping over the surfaces of the existing paint. Using circular and round smooth movements I think it provides the abstracts with rhythm and motion.

Here are the finished paintings, sitting in my garden. Unfortunately, I don’t have a proper studio space to work in at my parent’s home so have been diving into the garden to work when the weather has allowed! I think the end result is vibrant, bright with a sense of movement and energy.

Final Abstract

I really enjoyed painting this triptych and found working with a limited colour palette challenging. You can just about still see the slight silhouette of the life drawing model, although wouldn’t necessarily see the image without already knowing the processes around the work. The round shape of the breast and buttocks in the images is just noticeable, which I like, as it brings together continuity in the abstract pieces whilst also holding on to the original inspiration – beauty of the human form.

Abstract Triptych using Wallapp

The next stage in finishing this piece will be to varnish the work and build a wooden floating frame around the canvas. In previous works I have painted around the boxed frame edges but found this to be distracting and a little cumbersome. I preferred to focus on the front image only with these works, and a wooden frame will provide a professional finish to the canvas and a different look overall. I’ll be working on the varnishing and frame when I found a suitable space, hopefully soon!

My next Abstract painting I have chosen to widen the colour palette to include an entire spectrum of colours, as well as using an extra large canvas of 100cm x 150cm. Check back here soon to see the process unfold.

If you’d like to learn more about abstract art, Willem De Kooning, has been quite an influential artist for me, here are some examples of literature on Kooning for more information Willem De Kooning: A Way of Living, De Kooning: A Retrospective, Willem De Kooning: The Artist’s Materials, Willem De Kooning: Paintings


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My Brand Art


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