My Art in process

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some insight into the processes of my artwork. Following on from my previous artwork, featured in My Abstract Art there was quite a large gap of several years, in producing any further large abstract works, until one of my best friends moved into her first home with her boyfriend.

Stage 3 Abstract Painting
Stage 3 Abstract Painting

My friend said she also liked my abstract painting, which hung in my kitchen and asked if I would consider a commissioned project, which of course I jumped at for my best friend! I was honoured to be asked really.

The Brief

My friend also wanted to have a similar colour theme, to what I used in My Abstract Art, she also decided rather than one large abstract piece she preferred a triptych. My friend specifically wanted to match the colours of the painting with the other colour themes already chosen for her living room/dining room. So the three main components of this Abstract work were:

  • Colours: Blue, Navy and Grey
  • Style: Abstract
  • Type: Triptych on Canvas

So obviously this brief is pretty vast, and I had a lot of scope to just create what I wanted. Having not yet developed a particular style of work that I can describe, I’m still experimenting with different tools, shapes and styles. Even working within a triptych was a new experience for me. I enjoyed the challenge, and currently have another triptych project underway. I learnt from the experience, that I do prefer working on a large canvas, it was quite restrictive even with the triptych size.

Materials Used

  • Stretched box canvas x 3
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint sponges
  • Easel
  • Palette
  • Palette knives

Phase One

I sort of felt a little overwhelmed staring at three blank canvases, and the pressure of producing a piece of work – not just for myself, but for my friend which she was going to display in her home. Initially to get over and move on from this kind of ‘stage fright’ I decided to just start getting colour on the canvas to remove the feeling of overwhelm. Using pallet knives, and large paint brushes I used blue and black, as a base.

Phase 1 of the Triptych
Phase 1 of the Triptych

Phase Two

Similar to the process I used in My Abstract Art, I used sponges to create a different texture. As the blue and black were very stark, I wanted to lighten up the canvas somewhat. Using neutral tones, with a touch of teal I used sponges vertically across the canvas. At this stage, I started to see some momentum in the shape of hurricanes although this isn’t intentional. It is probably more indicative of my inner subconscious feelings at the time.

Phase 2 of the Triptych
Phase 2 of the Triptych

Phase Three

The next process was to connect the two elements of the base colours and neutral sponge tones by further using some lighter shades and painting downwards, using water to thin the acrylic to provide a level of transparency.

Phase 3 of the Triptych
Phase 3 of the Triptych

Phase Four

This phase was a little bit of a mistake. I thought that there was an element of yellow within my friend’s interior design for her living room/dining room, however, this was completely made up in my mind. Damn. I realised when I visited her at home and we talked about how it was going. Apart from my crazy imagination, I think part of me also wanted to add in a different colour in a similar way to My Abstract Art. This art wasn’t for me though, and my friend was quite clear around the colours and tones she wished to see in the art.

Phase 4 of the Triptych
Phase 4 of the Triptych

Finished Art

So this is the final triptych up close (on my tiny kitchen floor – which operated as my temporary studio). Brought back on task – the yellow has gone! Also, some of the earlier sponging technique has been added back in with a grey scale wash over the top to hopefully hit the colour requirements to include grey. My friend and her boyfriend were very happy with the final product and it is still hanging in their living room!

Finished Triptych
Finished Triptych

Abstract Art in Situ

Finally here is the final triptych in situ at my friend’s house! At the time I hadn’t had any experience or even really realised the benefits of varnishing acrylic artwork.  I have offered to collect the paintings and varnish them but my friend has so far declined. I will be varnishing the new triptych series I am working on. Depending on the outcome, as usually the vividness of colour is much improved (which is usually the case with a gloss varnish) I may have to insist!

Final Triptych displayed
Final Triptych displayed

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I am an amateur artist, and if you are just starting out or paint as a hobby, do it, if you enjoy it do it! When I’m painting, I completely zone out to everything else going on and become engrossed in just painting, it’s very therapeutic for me. If you’re interested in some of the materials used here are some examples: Artego boxed canvas, Acrylic Paint 24 Set, and Paint Brushes 12 Set.



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My Art in Process



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