Gifts for the Wanderlust Traveller

What do you get as a gift for the wanderlust traveller? If they travel regularly they’re probably into minimal living, living out a backpack and travelling from place to place, heck they might not even have a permanent home to call their own!

So it can be a little tricky sometimes to know what to buy someone who’s always on the move. Heres some of the things that I’ve picked up along the way to make my travelling life easier, which could easily make fantastic gifts for someone who’s going on that once in a lifetime trip, epic honeymoon, gap year or around the world retirement journey!

This article contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you decide to purchase via that link. The price is not increased to include my commission, and I only include products that I use and love myself.

I’m going to break down the gift options into different sections, and there’s also a range of prices to suit different budgets, so hopefully, if you’re looking for that perfect gift or a little gift box of different goodies you’ll be able to find some inspiration here!

Travel Packing

Travel locks

Not a very glamorous gift to give someone but a very practical one! Safety can be very important for someone who is travelling from one place to the other. I’m probably overly trustworthy and don’t often use travel locks when I go on summer holidays or city breaks, but for long term travel which might involve overnight buses, trains, or hostels these can be really important buys! I’ve purchased these for my upcoming trip: 2 x Travel Buddy TSA Security Padlock – 4-dial Combination Travel Suitcase Luggage Bag Code Lock (BLACK) – LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Again seems like a bit of a weird one as a gift,  if someone isn’t a hiker, but carabiners are so handy for any traveller!! I’ll be using them to attach my water bottle or wet umbrella to my day pack. I could also use them to hang shopping bags form my backpack to keep my hands free or sandals to my backpack if I run out of room! There are so many different ways these could come in handy and they are so reasonably priced too. I’ve chosen these: Locking Carabiner, Ankier 8-colors Premium Aluminum Alloy D-ring Carabiner Clips for Outdoor, Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Fishing, Backpack (8 pcs).

Shopping bags

I absolutely love these shopping bags! The designs are so cute, and they’re very sturdy. They fold down extremely flat and I’ll be throwing a few in my backpack for my upcoming trip. I can imagine they’ll come in handy for all sorts of things like laundry, a beach bag, shopping trip to the nearest 7/11 for provisions! These are the reusable bags I’ve chosen: 5Pack Reusable Shopping Bags 56 x 35cm Foldable Shopper Tote Bag Durable Polyester Grocery Bags for Shopping Organizing.


A journal is a great way for travellers to keep notes of important information but also to document special moments throughout their trip. There’s a huge array of different journals out there too so you’ll be sure to find one to match your gift receivers personality and style. I like this one, My Travels Adventure Hardback Journal A5 Notebook Map Design.

Travel Towel

Ok so travel towels aren’t the most luxurious of items and actually don’t feel great either, but they are fabulous at absorbing moisture and just a practical piece of kit if you don’t want to keep paying for towel charges or if that just isn’t an option like at a beach or camping site. I chose to buy a life venture travel towel, which has anti-bacterial qualities,  is very absorbent and dries quickly, LIFEVENTURE SoftFibre Advanced Giant Travel Towel, Blue, One Size.

Sleeping bag liner

Because who wants to get eaten alive by bed bugs or sleep in a questionably clean looking bed. I didn’t end up actually using this on my month long trip, as we were quite fortunate to be blessed with pretty clean accommodation. However, I am planning on taking it for my 8 months trip, because I just don’t think my luck will last for 8 months! You can get the sleeping bag liners in either silk or a poly-cotton blend. I opt for the cotton option as I don’t buy silk products as a vegan. Here’s a great poly cotton option, Trespass Slumber, Grey, Sleeping Bag Liner 230cm x 85cm x 55cm, Grey.

Travel-size Umbrella

When I was in Cambodia and exploring the beautiful Angkor Wat complex we experienced a sudden downpour of rain, my sister well prepared as ever had a very well fitting nice waterproof jacket. I however, was the hot mess (quite literally) who did not pack such an item. I bought one of the plastic ponchos from a street vendor in an effort to keep dry but then I of course turned into a walking greenhouse!Now I’ve decided for my upcoming trip across Asia where I will no doubt experience hot humid climates with the odd downpour of rain, to opt for a travel-sized umbrella instead! When the raining’s stopped I can then use one of my trusty carabiners to attach the wet umbrella to the outside of my day pack. This is a great option, look how tiny it is! Vicloon Mini Travel Umbrella, Black Compact Folding Umbrella, Small Light-Weight Waterproof Umbrella, Rain and Sun Umbrella for Women Men and Kids


Travel Organiser

My travel organiser is one of my favourite items. A lot of the travel document holders I could find online weren’t really very nice at all and very ‘substance over style’ I found some gorgeous leather travel organisers but of course didn’t want to buy leather as I”m vegan. Thankfully, I found a company (Lorton & Horn) which ordinarily provide leather products, but have now branched out and provide vegan leather organisers! I just know this will be a godsend for plane journeys, keeping my passport, travel tickets, accommodation information, embarkation slips, pens, headphones, everything in!

Jewellery roll

The aim for my upcoming trip is to pack minimally, fitting my life into a 40L backpack, I won’t have a huge amount of outfit choices on offer so I want to make sure I could still accessorise with jewellery. I’ll also probably buy some jewellery on the way which makes a great souvenir, and doesn’t take up too much space, so a jewellery roll to keep everything neat tidy and untangled is ideal! I chose this one but in black as I didn’t want it to start looking grubby a few weeks into my trip, BAGSMART Travel Jewellery Organiser Roll Foldable Jewelry Case for Journey-Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings.

Toiletries bag

I chose this hanging toiletries bag as my latest addition to my travel pack, Hanging Toiletry Bag Waterproof, Jiemei Travel Wash Bag for Men & Women with 4 Compartments, Foldable Compact Size, 2 Pack Portable Coat Hangers as Gift(Light Green). It had great reviews online and is just the right size to fit all of my essential toiletries but not take up too much space in my backpack. I have really slimmed down on what toiletries I am taking for three reasons:

  1. Where I am going it is going to be hot, and you could say my alias is ‘super sweaty face girl’ so I know any make up on my face isn’t going to last long!
  2. I don’t really want to be to be weighed down by a tonne of beauty products which I might not even get round to using!
  3. I have found a clever way to treat myself to some extra pampering without bulking up my toiletries bag – sheet masks!

Travel packing cubes

These are amazing! Ok well not so amazing that I could fit the entire wardrobe I planned to take but that was just ludicrous anyway! When I decided on a realistic capsule wardrobe for my long term trip these compression cubes worked really well, Gonex Compression Packing Cubes Mesh Travel Luggage Packing Organizers Zip Bags. I haven’t used them in practice as yet, but when I was doing a couple of practice runs of what I could fit in my backpack the zip did get caught a few times when I was trying to ‘compress’ the cubes. I wonder how often this might happen and how annoying this might become on my journey. Zips aside though, these packing cubes have great reviews, are great value for money and seem well designed and sturdy, but only time will tell.Sunglasses case

I don’t buy designer sunglasses so I’m not super precious about my sunglasses, equally, I don’t want them to get wrecked. I prefer a small fabric case with metal clasp as opposed to the hardcover cases which are just too bulky and take up too much room. These ones are pretty as well as reasonably priced, and they come with a cleaning cloth, 2 Pack Sunglass Pouch Eyeglass Case with Cleaning Cloth.Laptop case

Ok, now I am a little precious when it comes to my Mac Book Pro. It’s the first, nicest, expensive, piece of technology I’ve ever bought and it’s going to be my ticket to digital nomad life so I do not want my laptop getting damaged or broken! My sister kindly bought me a beautiful cork laptop case for my birthday from Etsy which I love! If your wanderlust traveller is also a digital nomad or often travels for work a laptop case could be a great buy!


Perfume spray bottles

So I originally purchased a standard travel sized atomiser thinking this would be best for what I needed. Oh, I was wrong, you see the mechanisms on these things are pretty flimsy when you’re attempting to transfer your perfume from your regular size bottle to the travel size. Every time I pumped the bottle it slipped and just sprayed everywhere! I’d only spent around £5 or so for this and couldn’t be bothered to return it, so put it down to a life lesson and ordered these beauties instead. So much easier to use as you can just unscrew the top off and spray or pour your favourite scent inside. I suppose there is a greater risk of leakage but the reviews of these were pretty good. I’ll be writing another post when I return from my travels so until next year. At the moment, I’m putting my confidence into these, CTGVH Plastic Spray Bottle for Perfume Cosmetic,4Pcs Mix-colorful Frosted Tube Empty Refillable Perfume Bottles 10ml Mini Atomizer Sample Vials for Travel Gift.Silicone travel tubes

I was originally going to settle for a sturdy plastic set of travel tubes for my toiletries but I remembered using them before in India and trying to crunch the plastic to get out the last remains of my shower gel and it was a pain in the butt! These silicone travel tubes, JasCherry 4 pcs Leakproof Silicone Travel Bottles Set – TSA Carry On Approved, BPA Free – Squeezable and Portable Storage Bottle for Shampoo, Sunblock and Toiletries Etc (Large size 80ml) are a dream, they were so easy to fill, I can already see how easy they will be to use every day, and they come in such vibrant colours!

Soap box

I’m going to be using mine to store my deodorant soap inside from Kaia Naturals, I’ve recently switched from high street anti-perspirants (which tests on animals and are not vegan) to a more natural alternative that is vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also not an anti-perspirant which means I actually sweat now! So to make sure I still come up smelling of roses I use this specialised all-natural deodorant soap from Kaia Naturals. Both the soap and the deodorant smell lush, so I’m hoping they stand up to the test of more sweatier climates in Asia! You could also use the soapbox for regular hand soap though, or a facial soap there are lots of different options out there. This soapbox is the perfect square size for my needs, but they also have rectangular shaped boxes on offer too, TOOGOO(R) Plastic Travel Hiking Mini Soap Dish Box Holder Case Container Blue.Sheet face masks

Ok, these are luxury items for the gap year traveller, but approaching my 30’s my skin and complexion is becoming more important to me to look after. Also, these sheet masks weigh next to nothing and slide into any bag, and because they’re sheet masks you don’t have to worry about them leaking! I purchased mine, along with my recent order of Kaia Naturals deodorant from Free People.



I’m not taking a huge wardrobe with me because there’s only so much you can fit in a 40L backpack but I do want to be able to feel like I’m not wearing the same outfit day in day out looking like a sack of potatoes so I’m going to be taking some necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. Jewellery is also a great gift, it doesn’t, and actually shouldn’t be expensive but it can be a really thoughtful gift. There’s lots of travel-themed jewellery out there too. Or pieces of jewellery for a specific recipient like a friend, sister brother taught etc.


Just like with the jewellery I would say that if you’re going to buy someone sunglasses for a holiday or travel adventure avoid designer. Life is an adventure and on the road anything could happen, you wouldn’t want the gift receiver to be so precious about ruining the sunglasses they didn’t wear them or worry so much that they lost them on day two of their trip, simple high street sunglasses are great, just make sure they have UVA and UVB protection in the lenses.

Travel Comfort

Now these four items were actually already gifted to me by friends and I must say they’re pretty spot on, and I can’t wait to use them!

Neck pillow

I’ve actually gone many years not using a neck pillow in rebellion of my need for perceived luxuries, but now I submit!! My last long trip was to beautiful Thailand to see one of my best friends get married. The journey home was the day after the wedding, and was quite a long one! I of course, did not follow my own or anyone else’s advice to not go too hard on the free bar but what can I say, I do not follow advice well.

So waking up bleary-eyed by my friend knocking on the door, the next day being told we had to leave in 20 minutes, not showered, with nothing packed was not the best start to our onward journey home. I slept intermittently, purely down to the raging hangover but every so often I would have to un-crane my poor delicate turkey neck glued to my shoulder and it was absolute torture! Although it was of course hilariously funny to my friend, her husband and their two young daughters as they witnessed the hungover mess that I was! A little wiser and also saved by my friends for already gifting me this present, I am now actually so excited to be part of the neck pillow gang and can’t wait to use mine! Do&B Travel Pillow Inflatable Black Luxury Cushion for Head, Chin, Neck Support

Eye mask

As well as achy necks long-distance travel can also be tough going on your eyes. especially in planes, or trains where you have little control over the lighting. It can help to aid in getting some restful sleep if you’re able to do so, waking up refreshed at your next destination. This lovely eye mask also has a gel insert too so you can pop it in the fridge just before use, Rosenice sleeping mask with cooling pad adjustable sleep eye mask blindfold (starry sky).Earplugs

Again just like the lighting situation noise is often beyond your control when in transit around lots of different people, the sound of the plane or train clanking or droning can be really distracting when you’re trying to catch a few z’s so earplugs are great for combating this! Reusable Silicone Ear Plugs – 3 Pairs – SNR 31, Waterproof, Soft, Hypoallergenic – Comfortable Noise Cancelling Reduction Earplugs for Swimming for Sleeping and Airplanes with Travel PouchWater bottle

I love this silicone water bottle, when it’s not in use it folds up to half the size. I can always have it with me in my bag to fill up with clean drinking water when available so I can save tonnes on both paying for water and contributing to the ever-growing environmental problem of plastics. I love this vibrant orange water bottle gifted to me by friends, Silicone Collapsible Water Bottles Victanz Sports Camping Canteen Best Drinking Bottle 26 Oz/750ml Medical Grade BPA Free (Violet Red).


First Aid kit

If you’re completely stuck on what to get a wanderlust traveller, a first aid kit is somewhat of a boring failsafe, booo. But, if you think about it like this….you could end up being a hero if your gift receiver is in desperate need of a blister plaster, after climbing that humungous mountain all day!! Yay! ⁣Mini First Aid Kit,92 Pieces Small First Aid Kit – Includes Emergency Foil Blanket,CPR Face Mask,Scissors for Travel, Home, Office, Vehicle,Camping, Workplace & Outdoor (Green)

Luggage Tags

I found a cute sloth luggage tag in sale in my local New look which I had to have as the sloth is my spirit animal, because they’re just so chill. But any luggage tag is a great idea for a traveller. Every time they look out for their luggage on the conveyer belt and spot their cute little luggage tag they’ll think of you! I’ll be sure to look out for cute little chill sloth when I’m waiting at the conveyer belt for my luggage.


waterproof phone case

I recently used this on my trip to The Bahamas and it was great. I was worried about taking my Sony A6000 out with me with all the sand and seawater and wind and general elements (ok maybe I’m a little over-protective). So I wanted to just be able to take my iPhone out with me to take photos but also not worry about possibly dropping it in the sea because yes I am that clumsy!It worked great! I got some great photos when we were travelling from island to island in the Exumas but it did become a little problematic when I had to top up my suncream and the iPhone case became cloudy – these photos went straight in the delete pile. But that’s with any case and something I need to be more aware of when trying to take photos and also battle UVA and UVB sun rays! Floatable Waterproof Phone Case, Vansky Dry Bag with Armband and Audio Jack for iPhone 8, 8p, 7, 7Plus, 6, 6s plus, Andriod; Waterproof Bag, Eco-friendly TPU Construction IPX8 Certified to 100 Feet

Power Bank

Because trust me no item of technology ever lasts as long as you want or expect it to, and this could come in real handy for your wanderlust traveller! They’re reasonably priced too, so won’t break the (power)bank if you’re on a tight budget. This is the one that I use, Battery Pack RAVPower 16750mAh Power Bank Portable Phone Charger with iSmart Technology for iPhone XR XS MAX, Galaxy S9 / S8 and more Mobile Phones – BlackTravel Adapter

Standard piece of kit for travel abroad, and here are some great options out there, rather than just a standard adapter. I like these ones which have multiple USB ports and can be used worldwide, perfect to charge a phone, camera, headphones or kindle. All In One Universal USB Travel Power Adapter With 3 USB Port And Type-C International Wall Charger Worldwide AC Power Plug 8 Pin AC Socket For Multi-nation Travel UK, EU, AU, Asia Over 200 Countries.

Wireless Headphones

AirPods are great, they look great and they’re made by apple, but they’re pretty expensive. I love my wireless headphones, they’re not quite AirPod like but they work great. They have a little wire between them which goes around the back of your neck (but it also keeps them together so you can’t lost one – which my sister has lost one of her AirPods – just saying) And they are a fraction of the cost, these are the ones I use, Anker Bluetooth Headphones, SoundBuds Slim Lightweight Wireless Earphones, IPX5 Sweatproof Sports Headphones with cVc Noise Suppression Mic and 7-Hour Playtime for Running, Cycling, Gym, Travelling.

Selfie Stick/tripod

I’m so glad I found this handy little gadget. I haven’t used it on my travels yet but hope to for my upcoming trip. It’s going to be a great addition to my tech pack and should be really useful in taking solo travel photos. Travelling alone it’s going to be pretty tricky to capture moments where I’m also in the frame too without a trusty sidekick to take them. Or in quieter destinations where there might not be any passers-by, I have two options with this gadget, selfie – standard or, hang on a minute convert this gadget into a tripod too? I’m obviously a little excited to see how this pans out! Foretoo Selfie Stick Waterproof Tripod Stand Kit with Bluetooth Remote Extendable Aluminum Alloy Monopod 26.77″ for Gopro Camera Iphone 6 6s 7 plus Android Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 Plus Black

Kindle or E-Reader

A little bit pricier of the gift options, but you can actually get kindles at quite reasonable prices if you don’t choose the most recent models, and go for a slightly older model like this one, Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display, 8 GB, Black — with Special Offers.


My chosen camera for taking travel photographs is the mid-range priced DSLR the Sony ILCE6000LB Compact System Camera with SELP1650 Lens Kit (Fast Auto Focus, 24.3 MP, Electronic View Finder, Wi-Fi and NFC) – Black. I’m still getting to grips with using this camera, but even the point and shoot automatic settings have produced some great images with not too much difficulty!


A guide book for the destination that the gift receiver is travelling to is a really thoughtful gift, but keep in mind that not everyone likes to take heavy books away with them (I am one of them) I prefer using a kindle, but there is something special about having a real life book, which may well suit a lot of travellers. Or how about an epic fictional novel, or non-fictional autobiography to get stuck into and escape the humdrum of sitting on a 12 hour flight or in a 6 hour overland coach journey!


Vouchers can actually be a really handy present and not always a ‘cop-out’ like some people may think. Ordinarily if someone is embarking on a long term trip chances are it’s going to cost them a sizeable amount of money, and I don’t think any traveller can say confidently ‘yes I absolutely stuck to my budget by the very penny!’

There are lots of different items that someone might need to purchase before their adventure, equally they might like to download some reading material onto their kindle, either way vouchers can come in pretty handy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading ‘Gifts for the Wanderlust Traveller’ and that I’ve given you lots of ideas for what to get that special someone. What are your gift ideas? Have I missed anything out that should make it on here? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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Gifts for the Wanderlust Traveller


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