My name’s Rachel, currently unemployed back living with my parents…. not where I thought I’d be at nearly 30, but am honestly happier than ever!

After a somewhat long stint working for Local Government, and feeling thoroughly burnt out and unfulfilled, I decided to quit my day job, sell my flat and start a new adventure in blogging, travel, and art with an overall focus on my own well-being.

So what will you get from my blog?

I thought long and hard about what was most important to me, after a lot of searching, reflection and therapy! I really started to think about what would make me happy and what I want to do more of.

So I come up with the 6 components that are most important to living my most authentic self:


So that’s what you’re going to read a whole lot about, I’ll be bringing you weekly blog posts around vegan living, travel tips, creative art projects, mindfulness, adventure insights, 30 day challenges and lots more.

They’re chalked up into three different categories:

Travel and Adventure

Health and Well-being

Creativity and Art

What’s more important though, is what inspires you? What do you get excited about? I hope I can spark some of that enthusiasm in you too, so you can make that move to being your more authentic self.