30 days of Photography

Here’s a look at my 30 day photography challenge. Anyone can do it using just a smart phone or camera. I decided to use my iPhone 7 for some of the shots, and mostly my Sony A6000. I tried to use different compositions made up of found still life, and made still life. I wanted to challenge myself for a month to get to grips with my camera, and get better at using editing software. Some of the software programs I’ve used include: Pixelmator, Photoscape X and Canva.

You can use lots of different ideas to kick start your 30 days, like writing a list of different objects or scenes and then seeking them out each day, using items around the house, focusing on animals, people, or nature. For my 30 day challenge I decided to focus on different objects/scenes portraying the array of rainbow colours.

Starting off with black and white to show contract and then on to Red, Yellow Pink and Green Purple and orange and blue (I sung that as I typed it – did you sing along too?) and then grey and brown to cover all the main hues we see everyday. I brainstormed some ideas for different colours compositions I could try and then just got into it. I’m a serial procrastinator so having something to focus on for just a short time each day was really helpful.

Black and White










Have you tried out any 30 day photography challenges? It’d be great to hear how you got on with the challenge, I’d love to hear form you in the comments section below.

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Here’s also some of the books I’ve referred to over the years, which you might find useful too,  Eye Witness photographyThe Photo Book and 20th Century Photography.



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30 days of Photography


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