30 days of giving up smoking

I’ve done it! 30 days of no smoking, and you can do it too!

Although this has probably been my ninety-millionth attempt I’m feeling in a positive frame of mind having completed 30 days of being smoke-free. After all, smoking is a habit, sometimes it’s a choice, more often than not though I think its a mindless addictive habit. The only way to break it, is to form new habits which can be done with a little willpower and determination.

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So what helped me on this short step to my smoke-free journey?

Of course, everyone is different and you need to find what works for you. I’ve tried sooo many different tactics over the years, NRT Patches, sprays, gum, mints, vaping, cold turkey, you name it I tried it.

I think the real difference is the sheer human power and motivation to want to change. Try to recognise where your head is at when you think about giving up smoking. I went on a course once and it was all about encouraging and coaching people to realise their goals and make healthier choices. These there were different stages that precluded change.

The Transtheoretical model of change

You can apply to anything you want to change in life too, so here it is:

  1. Pre-contemplation – the issue isn’t seen as a problem at all – I like smoking – what’s the problem?
  2. Contemplation – there is a recognised problem and thoughts start to develop – ok so I know smoking isn’t good for my health
  3. Preparation – I’m going to start taking small steps, maybe just being more conscious of how much I am smoking
  4. Action – I still want to change, I’m going to try and give up smoking now
  5. Maintenance – Ok I’ve given up for 6 months now, my life feels so different without smoking, I’m going to maintain this
  6. Termination – It’s over, I can now confidently say I am a non-smoker.

Words of encouragement

Just having this in your mind might help you to realise where your head is at in these stages of change. It definitely helped me committing to a quit day, and using the NHS stop smoking app, every day I would read words of encouragement and how my body and my bank balance was benefiting from giving up.  Tell your friends and family, they will undoubtedly encourage you to live a happier healthy life, and they can be instrumental in your journey fo giving up.

Treat yo self!

Lastly, treat yo self! Think about all the money you would waste on cigarettes and smoking. Use that money for something else positive, maybe a nice massage to relax you when you are feeling a little irritable, or a new hair cut. Or how about a whole new wardrobe, depending on how much you smoke, you could literally save thousands over the course of a year!

If you want to know more about the transtheoretical theory of change there are lots of really useful books out there, as well as other books about quitting smoking. I would really recommend reading one, even if you’re contemplating change, it could give you that extra motivation to enter into the next stage of preparing for change.

What’s worked for you? How have you overcome this addiction? Please share your stories below so we can all support each other to be a healthier happier version of ourselves in the comments section.





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30 days of giving up smoking


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