100 ways to take care of yourself

There are lots of different ways we could be taking better care of ourselves. Sometimes life gets too hectic, and we get pulled in all sorts of directions we forget that we even need to look after ourselves. I’ve come up with ‘100 ways to take care of yourself’ when your perhaps in need of some extra nurturing.

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  1. A TV Series
  2. A funny movie and laugh
  3. A sad movie and cry
  4. Some Disney movies

  1. Youtube videos
  2. A documentary
  3. Funny videos online

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  1. Plenty of fresh fruit
  2. Less sugar
  3. Freshly made sweet treats
  4. Some dark chocolate

  1. A delicious healthy meal
  2. A take-away
  3. Mindfully
  4. Make some freezer meals for during the week

strawberry smoothie on glass jar


  1. Fresh smoothie
  2. Less alcohol
  3. Plenty of water
  4. More herbal tea

  1. Fresh juice
  2. Less fizzy drinks
  3. Avoid caffeine

vintage music antique radio


  1. To calming music
  2. To the rain
  3. To a pod cast

library photo


  1. A book
  2. An article
  3. To someone else
  4. A blog post

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  1. To a counsellor
  2. To a friend
  3. To a family member
  4. To a stranger
  5. To yourself

assorted puzzle game


  1. Exercise
  2. A puzzle
  3. Sing
  4. Paint, draw or doodle

    1. Meditate
    2. Try something new
    3. Get creative
    4. take a nap
    5. enjoy the sunshine
    6. play a game
    7. journal

  1. take a day off work
  2. just let yourself be
  3. socialise
  4. evaluate any bad habits
  5. learn about something
  6. teach someone something
  7. stroke a pet or a friend’s pet
  8. have a netflix day

beach ocean yellow crab


  1. Don’t socialise and be a hermit crab (for a little while)
  2. Exercise (allow yourself to be lazy)
  3. stop beating yourself up
  4. Try to be perfect

black metal candle holder on end table near wall inside the house

At Home

    1. tidy your room/home
    2. make a photo album
    3. Change your bed sheets
    4. light some incense
    5. look at old photos
    6. light some candles

  1. Organise your space
  2. Have an at home spa evening
  3. Detox Bath
  4. Plan
  5. Have a picnic indoors
  6. water a plant



  1. explore somewhere new
  2. be a stranger in your own city
  3. have a picnic outdoors
  4. check out free activities in your area
  5. buy a plant or some flowers for yourself
  6. Visit your local park
  7. Visit the beach

accessory clothes clothing fashion


  1. Put on some comfy clothes
  2. Have a Pyjama Day
  3. Get dressed up

closeup photo of journal book and pencils



  1. A to do list
  2. Reading your emails

alone bed bedroom blur

Treat yo’self to

  1. A hair cut
  2. A manicure
  3. A pedicure
  4. A facial
  5. A Massage

food white seasoning spices


  1. A new restaurant
  2. A new cuisine
  3. A new recipe

person doing thumbs up


  1. Learn to say no
  2. Learn to say yes


Spend time

  1. With children
  2. With animals
  3. Outside
  4. In Nature

adult aged baby care


  1. give to charity
  2. donate goods to charity
  3. volunteer

silver iphone x with airpods


  1. take a social media break
  2. spend an entire day without using technology

So there it is, ‘100 ways to take care of yourself’. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to look after yourself, and for you to have some ‘me time’.




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100 ways to take care of yourself


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